Why are guys jerk?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well not all guys are jerks. But the ones who are probally either 1. are hurtin on the inside but wont show it 2. insurce bout themselves 3. messed up in the head or 4 small in places. 5 they think they are soo cool that they don't care what girls think.some are just unhappy in a relationship that they cant get out of

There are also what we refer as cool jerks. They are somehow selfish and above the ground yet we love them for that.

See here for more information.

and because they dont know how to show their feeling/words or just dont want to show their feelings so they end up saying something stupid because they paniced and/or didnt know how to

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Some guy's a jerk's because they dont realize most things you do for them and they know that whether they yell or get mad or cuss at you, you'd take them back only because. . . you love him.

Most guy's dont mean what they say so dont always assume they do and worry so much about it because there will be a point that they WANT you back or NEED you back and thats when they'll apoligize,

truth is, you just need to make the right choice and decide whether or not you'll give him the other chance.

a girl could only take so much, we're fragile and we hurt more than anyone.

Any guys reading this, if you have a beautiful girl by your side dont loose her, dont be a jerk because the minute you are' she'll be gone. . . .

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Q: Why are guys jerk?
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