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George Washington, who founded the award.

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Q: Whose is pictured on the Purple Heart medal?
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Is there an age requirement to get the purple heart?

Age has nothing to do with award of the Purple Heart Medal.

What is our nation's oldest military award?

The US military's oldest medal is the Purple Heart Medal.

What is a purple medal?

A purple medal would be the Purple Heart that is given in the US Military to people who have been wounded or killed in action.

Should soldiers with PTSD be able to receive the Purple Heart?

The Military Regulations pertaining to the award of the Purple Heart Medal specifically disallows the medal for PTSD.

What medal does one get when they die in action?

The Purple Heart.

Who present the purple heart medal?

chuck norris

How much is the purple heart medal from the battle of the bulge worth Is the medal gold?


How would one apply for a purple heart for a wounded soldier serving in the Spanish American war?

The only medal available at that time (1898) was the Medal of Honor. The Purple Heart Medal was not available until 1932.

Does the purple heart medal give you points towards WAPS testing?

Yes the purple heart awards you points for testing.

Who is likeness is on the purple heart?

The Purple Heart is currently awarded to military personnel wounded in action. Originally it was awarded for valor. The first three were personally awarded by George Washington. His likeness is now found on the medal.

Was the purple heart medal ever made of gold?


Do you get more in retired pay with a purple heart medal?