Whose dog tags does cena kiss?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A dog tag of every one of his family members

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Q: Whose dog tags does cena kiss?
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Whose dogtags does john cena wear?

he wears his dads dog tags

What does john cena's dog tags say?

Its a picture of his family

Who's dog tags does john cena carry?

His fathers.

What does john cena's real dog tags say?

His parents names and his brothers names are on them.

Was John Cena ever in the military?

John Cena was not in the military. Cena was, however, enlisted in a military training program for a film that he starred in ("The Marine"), which is how he earned his own set of dog-tags.

Whose military dog tag does John take off before each match?

His father's dog tags.

What are the writings on Cena's Dog Tags?

It has a name of his Mother, Wife, and Brothers and it means the dog tag is an image of his family thats why he kisses it before his matches if you noticed.

What came first dog tags or military dog tags?

If you are refering to tags for dogs they are not called "dog tags". So the Military one came first.

What are dog tags?

There are two kinds of dog tags. One would be tags you put on dogs so if they get lost they can be returned. Because this question is in a military category, I assume you are reffering to a different kind of dog tags. The military kind of dog tags are metal tags worn by soldiers. They are worn incase the soldeir dies and the body is too destroyed there is no way to tell whose body it is. If the soldier had a dog tag on, it would not have been destroyed, and they would be able to find out from it who the body belonged to. They are normally shiny, silver colored metal that is strung by a chain through a hole at the top, and are worn aroung the neck.

Do air force pilots wear dog tags?

Yes all military jobs you have and wear your dog tags

Why did John Cena married to a dog. Is he that lonely.?

Are you out of your mind?! John Cena did not marry a dog!

Do Civil air patrol members dog tags?

It is not in CAP regulations for it's members to wear dog tags.