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In Penn-St Pierre 1 GSP won by split decision.

In Penn-St Pierre 2 GSP won by TKO (corner stoppage) Round 4

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Q: Who won Bj Penn vs George St Pierre?
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Who won Diego sanchez or bj penn?

Bj penn

Who one penn vs st Pierre 1?

George St. Pierre (GSP) vs. BJ Penn 1 took place in UFC 58. GSP won via split decision. While BJ Penn clearly dominated the first round and handled GSP like he's never been handled before, he failed to finish the fight quickly. In the typical fashion of BJ Penn fights, he lost because he became so fatigued and GSP's better conditioning won out in the end.

Who is a better fighter Georges St. Pierre or BJ Penn?

george st pier better ground and stronger than penn by alot . also faster

Who won UFC 101?

Bj penn, george sodoropulous, Anderson silva, pellegrino. Can't remember the others sorry

Who won bj penn frank Edgar fight?

Edgar won. went the distance

What is BJ Penn's birthday?

BJ Penn was born on December 13, 1978.

Who will win the BJ Penn vs GSP 2nd fight?

BJ Penn obviously!

When was BJ Penn born?

BJ Penn was born on December 13, 1978.

Is BJ Penn married?

Yes, he has a wife and a daughter. He is pound for pound the best MMA fighter on earth....except for Georges St-pierre.

Is BJ Penn related to the penn championship tennis balls company?

Bj penn is an issue that is vital and you are going to necessitate experienced assistance regarding

Was bj penn in pride fc?


Does bj penn have any brothers?

Yeah brah Reagan Penn!