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The last goalie to score in England was paul Robinson, then playing for tottenham, now for blackburn

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Q: Who was the last goalie to score a goal?
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Can a soccer goalie score a goal?

yes it can

Can a goalkeeper score from a kick from his hands?

Yes a goalie can score goal from a goal kick if he is kicking it from his hands.

Can a soccer goalie score a goal for the other team?

yes he can

What is the main goal in Lacrosse?

To score on the goalie, and

Who was the first goalie in the NHL to score a goal?

Jaime zowtuk but really he is really old so yeah. but the first NHL goalie that I saw score a goal was Farry gerrat.

Who was the last NHL goalie to record a point?

This probably happens on a weekly or monthly basis. It is not uncommon. However, goals are. The last goalie to score a goal is Steve Mason on 15 April 2006, but he was only the last player to touch the puck before the other team accidentally scored on themselves. The last goalie to shoot the puck into the other team's net to score a goal is Evgeni Nabakov on 10 Mar 2002.

Did casillas score any goal in south Africa 2010?

no, he is a goalie

Lacrosse goalie scores goal in his own crease?

In a game, the goalie can accidentally score on his or her own goal. If they try to stop a shot and it bounces off of them and goes fully past the goal line, then it does count as a goal for the opposing team. The goalie is also allowed to leave the crease and in some rare cases can actually go up and score in the other team's goalie.

Can a goalie score a goal in futsal?

Any player may score a goal in futsal. However, the goalkeeper cannot score by throwing the ball into the opposing goal: the ball must be legally propelled.

How does a goalie score in NHL 07?

If the net is empty have the goalie dump the puck toward the other goal and cross your fingers.

Who was the first hockey goalie to score?

Martain Brouder was the first to score a goal, it was on an empty net late in a game.

What goalie did Wayne Gretzky score his 50th goal in 39 games on?

Trick question- it was an empty nety goal

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