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Al Leiter was the first to defeat all thirty. G.

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Q: Who was the 1st pitcher to defeat all 30 major league teams?
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First Pitcher defeat 30 major-league teams?

The first Player to defeat all 30 major league teams is AL LEITER.

All pitchers who defeated all 30 major league teams?

Al Leiter was the first pitcher to defeat all 30 Major League teams.

What pitcher defeated 30 major-league teams?

According to Wikipedia the answer is Al Leiter who on April 30 2002 became the first pitcher to defeat all 30 teams after beating the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Who is Ned Garver?

Ned Garver (1925-2017) was a pitcher for several major league teams during his career from 1948 to 1961. He was the American League pitcher in the 1951 All-Star Game.

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How many baseball teams are in the major leagues?

30 major League Teams 14 in the American League 16 in the National League

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