Who was Benjamin Tillman wife?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sallie Starke of Elbert Co., GA.

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Q: Who was Benjamin Tillman wife?
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What has the author Benjamin R Tillman written?

Benjamin R. Tillman has written: 'Benjamin R. Tillman correspondence and autobiographical sketch'

When was Benjamin Tillman born?

Benjamin Tillman was born on 1847-08-11.

When did Benjamin Tillman die?

Benjamin Tillman died on 1918-07-03.

How did Benjamin tillman lost his left eye?

During the American civil war, a disease infected Benjamin Tillman's eye which later on forced the removal of his left eye.

Who ran against Benjamin Tillman for governor in 1890?

A.C. Haskell ran against, and lost to, Benjamin Tillman for South Carolina governor in 1890. Both were Democrats, but they had vastly different ideologies.

Who was Benjamin Ryan Tillman's siblings?

Britney (Older) Sophie ( younger )

Who supported Benjamin Tillman?

why the hell is this not answered i need the answer like right now!

Did Benjamin Tillman kill Teddy Roosevelt?

No, Benjamin Tillman did not kill Teddy Roosevelt. Benjamin Tillman was a politician from South Carolina and a vocal advocate for white supremacy, while Teddy Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States. They had disagreements over political issues, but there is no record of Tillman physically harming or killing Roosevelt.

What did Benjamin Tillman believe would most benefit the farmers?

more agricultural education

Who were Benjamin Tillman's supporters?

Benjamin Tillman's supporters were primarily white farmers, laborers, and small landowners in South Carolina. They were attracted to his populist message, which included advocating for the interests of poor whites and promoting agricultural reforms. Tillman also gained support from members of the Democratic Party in the state.

Who did Benjamin Tillman blame for the farmers problems?

Tillman blamed the Conservatives for the farmers' problems. Tillman thought the Conservatives neglected the farmers. He also believed that part of the problem was the result of farmers' ignorance about how to farm. The farmers needed more agricultural education, but Tillman and others were convinced that the agricultural department at South Carolina College was incapable of helping the farmers.

Which of these people fought for increased funding for agricultural education and played a major role in the founding of Clemson College?

Benjamin Tillman