Who plays in the Olympic?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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There are many games or sports that are played in the Olympic games. Summer games include swimming, Track and Field, and cycling. Winter games include skiing, figure skating, and Snowboarding.

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Q: Who plays in the Olympic?
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Apolo Ohno plays what olympic sport?

Short Track Speed Skating

In the olympic games is the flag lowered at the closing ceremony?

Yes. After the President of the International Olympic Committee makes a speech to close the Games, the flame is extinguished, the Olympic Anthem plays, and the flag is lowered and carried out of the stadium.

What baseball team plays in Olympic Stadium?

Montreal Expos (MLB) (1977-2004)

What other country other than the US plays in the Olympic 2012 girls soccer team?


When is the olympic flag brought into the stadium?

At the opening ceremonies, the flag is brought in after all athletes have entered the stadium and the host country's representative declares the Games open. The flag is then raised as the Olympic Hymn plays.

Does the US have a baseball team that plays in the Olympics?

They did until the International Olympic Committee decided to eliminate baseball from the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London and the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.

What are some social events that happened after the Persian war?

The Olympic Games. The Isthmian Games. Plays. Festivals. Gymnasiums. Symposiums.

Who plays the cute Asian waitress in Foo Fighters video Resolve?

Kristina Lum. She was a synchronized swimmer with the US Olympic team.

A list of Olympic torches for reference?

Summer OlympicsBeijing 2008 Olympic TorchAthens 2004 Olympic TorchSydney 2000 Olympic TorchAtlanta 1996 Olympic TorchBarcelona 1992 Olympic TorchSeoul 1988 Olympic TorchLos Angeles 1984 Olympic TorchMoscow 1980 Olympic TorchMontreal 1976 Olympic TorchMunich 1972 Olympic TorchMexico City 1968 Olympic TorchTokyo 1964 Olympic TorchRome 1960 Olympic TorchMelbourne 1956 Olympic TorchHelsinki 1952 Olympic TorchLondon 1948 Olympic TorchBerlin 1936 Olympic Torch

Which player in England has won champions league fa cup priemiership and olympic gold medal and still plays in the premiership?

Nwankwo Kanu (Portsmouth)

How many hockey players on the Canada Olympic team play in the NHL?

Every member of the 2010 Canadian Olympic Men's Ice Hockey team currently plays for an NHL team. For more on the roster, check out:'s_team_rosters#.C2.A0Canada

Who looks after the Olympic torch in between the Olympic Games?

The Olympic Committee.