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Someone already answered this, but I think it was Pete Rose.

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Q: Who played in the most lost MLB games?
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Who holds the MLB record for most games played in a career?

Pete Rose, who played in 3,562 games in his career.

Which mlb player has played in the most regular season games ever?

Pete Rose - 3,562.

What MLB pitcher has the most wins in games played in New York City?

mariano rivera.

Which two MLB teammates played in the most all-star games together?

the Yankee and Chicago cubs

Which MLB team lost 10000 games?

Philapdelphia Phillies

What year did the Baltimore Orioles lose most opening season consecutive games?

1988 ... the Orioles lost an MLB record 21 consecutive games to start the season.

Who are the five baseball players who played the most consecutive games and how many consecutive games each player played?

Check out the 'Consecutive Games Played Streaks' link on this page to see the 15 longest consecutive games played streaks in MLB history.

Most 1 to 0 career losses by a Major League Baseball pitcher?

Hall of Famer Walter Johnson of the Washington Senators pitched in the most 1-0 games in MLB history, won the most 1-0 games, and lost the most 1-0 games. In 64 1-0 games, he won 38 and lost 26.

How many MLB games have been played?


Is there going to be more NCAA baseball video games?

Odds are no. Because they have lost popularity, MLB games are coming out, and college baseball has lost popularity .

What MLB team has the longest losing streak in 2008?

Through games played on August 26 that would be the Kansas City Royals who lost 12 games between May 19 and May 30.

What orioles hall of fame holds mlb record for most consecutive games played at 2632?

Cal Ripken Jr.