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The Teammates But The COach HAs To Approve.

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The coaches.

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Q: Who picks the team captain on a baseball team?
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Who picks the NBA team captain?

the nba owners

What is the mascot for the Texas rangers baseball team?

He is rangers captain

What is Bradley Steven Perry's favorite baseball team?

captain murange

What Yale sports team was George H W Bush captain of?

George H. W. Bush was the captain of the Yale baseball team in 1947 and 1948.

What president was the captain of his college baseball team?

President bush President bush

Who is the team captain for the Boise State University baseball team?

Boise State lacks a sound educational system as well as a collegiate baseball team. Their primary focus is to have the best football team in the absolute worst division in collegiate football. You will have no problem becoming captain if you figured out how to post a question on an Q&A forum.

Can you choose the people to be on your baseball team in Wii Sports?

You can pick your team captain/pitcher, but all other characters are randomly chosen.

In baseball Why are coaches called skippers?

As the head of the team managers are called Skipper. Skipper is a nautical term used to address the captain of a ship. The manager is referred to as "skipper" as the captain of a ship, or the leader of a team.

Can a NBA team have no draft picks?

It is impossible

What is captain in volleyball?

Captain of the team

Who is Australia's team captain in football?

Tim Cahill is the team captain for Australia's football team! (:

Who is recent pakistans team captain?

ODI & Test Team captain is Misbah Ul Haq T20 Team captain is Mohammad Hafeez