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The parts were manufactured by FEG in Hungary, and assembled by either Dan Wesson, or Magnum Research. If the serial number starts with a HP than it was assembled by Dan Wesson. Only 500 were produced, and than they switched over to Magnum Research. So- Parts are from Hungary, and it's assembled in the U.S.

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Q: Who manufactured the Charles Daly Hi Power?
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When was hi power No 245PWO1XXX manufactured?


Who first manufactured the Browning Hi-Power?

fabrique nationale of belguim was the first producer of the browning hi-power.

When was Browning Hi Power 9mm with serial no 245RN55024 Manufactured and where?

The RN in the middle of your serial number indicates that your Browning Hi-power was made in the year 1997.The Browning Hi-power is produced by FN in belguim.

When was Belgium Browning Hi Power caliber 9MM serial 69c3737 manufactured?


What date was my FN Hi Power MKII with a serial number of A6054 manufactured?

You will have to call FN to find out.

When was Browning Hi Power 9mm with serial no 245NR53441 manufactured and where?

The NR in the middle of the serial number dates your browning hi-power to the year 1997.The gun itself was made by FN of belguim.

What year was browning hi-power 511mz503301 built?

This is a 9mm Hi-power manufactured in 2001 (M=0 & Z=1). You can go to the Browning website and in the Support area find a link to "Date Your Firearm".

What year was this Browning Hi Power Manufactured SN 81172a?

You need to call Browning. The sn does not follow normal convention.

When was Belgian Browning Hi Power caliber 9MM serial 245RN41383 manufactured? has a sn function under customer service

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Where is Charles Daly 45 cal pistols manufactured?

From: Handguns: 1911 Steel Pistols, from 1998 until 2008 from Armscor in the Philippines. Beginning in 2009, the new G4 model is being produced by BUL Transmark in Israel. M5 Polymer Framed 1911 Pistols from Bul in Israel since 1997. A clone of the Browning Hi-Power was produced in the US from 2002 to 2006 with components from FEG in Hungary and final manufacturing by either Dan Wesson Firearms or Magnum Research in the US.