Who is victor latimer?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Victor Latimer was born in Brooklyn, NY and comes from a very musical home. Victor began singing in church at the early age of seven, quickly learning how to play guitar, drums, and percussion from being surrounded by great musicians.

Blessed with the ability to sing fluently in Spanish as well as in English, Victor recorded a Spanish love song duet with Julie McKnight for her solo release. Victor later released an album as part of the multi-platinum group, C&C Music Factory. After touring with C&C, he signed with R&B singer Kelly Price touring with her while she promoted her first album, "Soul of a Woman." Victor Latimer has toured with Angie Stone, Brian McKnight, and most recently, Fort Minor.

Among his numerous television appearances, Victor has been on Showtime at the Apollo, Live with Regis and Kelly, Jimmy Kimmel and Carson Daly. Victor has also performed with R. Kelly, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and his Bad Boy family. Most recently, he performed with Fort Minor featuring Mike Shinoda and Styles of Beyond, on Late Night with Jay Leno. After years of honing his talent, Victor has matured into a solo artist, eager to share with the world the music that lives in his soul.

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Q: Who is victor latimer?
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