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Q: Who is the vp of marketing for Academy Sports and Outdoors?
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What is the difference between the President and Vice President?

The executive vice president(EVP) is higher than the vice president(VP). As well there is a senior vice president(SVP) that's in between the EVP & VP. But they are just titles especially on a sports team. If u are the EVP of marketing or VP of marketing there's no difference on what you do just on who you report to

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VP of Sales & Marketing at ABC Financial

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Bob Margevicius

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Sheri Conn

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Lincoln Cox

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who is a the vice president of holister

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A VP should directors who report into them. An SVP should have VP's that report into them. If an SVP has no VPs or a VP has no directors than it's just an ego thing and perhaps a small difference in pay

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well you could ask lanzer he could tell you