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ian schloss, not a girl, but still the coolest dude of all time- but never actually climbed mt. everest.

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Q: Who is the coolest girl that ever climbed Mount Everest?
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Did mark ever climbed Mount Everest?

There are lots of climbers called Mark who have been on Mount Everest. You need to give his surname.

Who is the person who cilmbed mount Everest the most ever?

Apa Sherpa has climbed the Mount Everest an amazing 21 times! He has now retired from mountain climbing.

Has Anyone Ever Climbed The Peak Of Mount Everest?

yes, about 150 people each year.

Has any body from the UK ever climbed mount Everest?

As of the end of 2011 there had been 310 UK climbers who had reached the summit of Mount Everest. There is a list of there names at the link.

How many times has mark ingils climbed mount Everest?

On 15 May 2006, after forty days of climbing, Inglis became the first ever double amputee to reach the summit of Mount Everest, this was his only time.

Has sir Ranuluph finnies ever climbed mount Everest?

On the 21st May 2009, at the age of 65, Sir Ranulph Fiennes became the oldest Briton to have reached the summit of Everest.

Did a man with a disability ever climbed mount Everest?

There has only been a handfull of disabled people to have climbed Mount Everest. Tom Whittaker from the USA became the first disabled/handicapped (has an artificial leg) person to reach the summit of Mount Everest on 27th May 1998. Others have included a blind man and a woman with one leg.

Has mount Everest ever been a volcano?

No, Mount Everest has never been a volcano.

Was mount Everest ever a volcano in the stone age or something?

No. Mount Everest is not and never was a volcano.

Did Larry Taylor ever climbed Mount Everestor Mount McKinley?

yes he did

Has anyone ever climbed to the top of Mt. Everest on foot?

Around 5,000 people from all over the world have reached the summit of Mount Everest to date.

Is mount Everest now a volcano and when was the last time it erupted?

I do not think Mount Everest has ever been a volcano.