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Sharon Johnston

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Q: Who is david Lloyd Johnston married to?
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Who is the representative for the queen of canada?

David LLoyd Johnston

What is the name of the Canadian Governor General?

Governor General of Canada, Holder name is David Lloyd Johnston

Who is the 2012 Governor General in Canada?

David Lloyd Johnston

Who is the general governor?

The Governor General is David Lloyd Johnston.

Who is the governor general in Canada now 2012?

David Lloyd Johnston

Who is the Minister for Defense for Australia?

David Albert Lloyd Johnston is the Minister for Defense for Australia.

Who is in gareth David Lloyd family?

Gareth David-Lloyd was born in March of 1981. He married Gemma James in 2010. Together they have a daughter named Lily Christina Lloyd.

Who is the Queen's Representive for Canada?

The governor general. The position is currently (since 1 October 2010) held by David Lloyd Johnston

What is David Johnston's motto?

The motto of David Johnston is 'CONTEMPLARE MELIORA'.

What is the name of the governor general?

David Lloyd Johnston(CC, CMM, COM, CD FRSC) since 1 October 2010

What is the birth name of Joshua David Johnston?

Joshua David Johnston's birth name is Joshua D. Johnston.

What is David A. Johnston's birthday?

David A. Johnston was born on December 18, 1949.