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Jason Witten!

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Q: Who is better dallas clark or Jason witten?
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Who are the 3 children of Roy Clark and Ruby Conley?

Roy Clark was married twice, he got divorced from his first wife her name was Ruby Conley they had 3 children together

Where does baseball player Will Clark now live?

he now lives in florence mississippi

Why do catchers cover their mouths when talking to pitchers on the mound?

They cover their mouth so that the opposing players cant read his lips, and figure out what they are talking about It went from being a common sense strategy to standard practice for pitchers in 1989, during Game 1 of the National League Championship Series. Cubs catcher Joe Girardi went out to the mound to ask Greg Maddux how he wanted to pitch to Giants first baseman Will Clark. Clark saw Greg Maddux mouth the words "Fastball, high, inside", and he knocked the pitch literally out of the ballpark for a grand slam.

What pro athletes graduated from Kathleen High School in Florida?

Several have come from Kathleen: Football: Kenny Gant....Played with the Cowboys among others Ray Lewis....Ravens Paul Edinger....Bears/Vikings Freddie Mitchell...Eagles Desmond Clark...Broncos Basketball Chris Richard....Timberwolves Alvin Jones III...76ers/Overseas BB Waldon...Overseas/Miami Tropics Rashad Anderson...Overseas Those are all I can thin of at the moment...sorry..D Cox There have been several Football: Kenny Gant....Cowboys Ray Lewis...Ravens Freddie Mitchell...Eagles Desmond Clark...Broncos/Dolphins/Bears Paul Edinger...Bears/Vikings Basketball: Chris Richard....Timberwolves Alvin Jones III...76ers BB Waldon...Overseas/Miami Tropics Rashad Anderson...Overseas Derron Hayes...Overseas That's all I can think of at the moment....

What five players have hit 25 home runs for five different teams?

I checked some stats and found four of the five Fred McGriff Bobby Bonds Gary Sheffield Jose Canseco still hunting down that last one. Jack Clark is the 5th player he hit 25 or more homeruns with SF Giant StL Cardinals NY Yankees SD Padres BO Redsox

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