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He invented the Olympics and he was born January 1st 1869

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Q: Who is Pierre fredy baron de couberton?
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Who invented the modern olypmic games?

baron Pierre de couberton

Why did baron Pierre de fredy change his name to baron Pierre de coubertin?

He did not change it. As the fourth child of Charles Louis Fr?dy, Baron of Coubertin, all he did was using the title of his father, instead of his last name.Ê

Who founded the modern Olympics baron?

Yes, Baron Pierre de Coubertin did create the modern Olympics

How did Pierre de Fredy change sports in 1896?

Organized the first modern Olympics in Athens

Who was the founder of the Olympics?

Baron Pierre de Coubertin

What was Pierre baron de Coubertin job?

he was a academic

Who made the olmpices?

Baron Pierre de Coubertin

What was the contribution made by baron Pierre coubertin?

Pierre de Coubertin (1863-1937) is called the "Father of the Modern Olympics." He was an historian and educator, but he also had an interest in athletics (his favorite sport was rugby). de Coubertin is the founder of the International Olympic Committee, the governing body of the modern Olympic Games era, which began in 1896.

Who made the modern olympics?

Baron Pierre de Coubertin

Who reintroduced the modern Olympics?

baron pierre de coubertin

How did Baron Pierre de Coubertin die?

after a heart attack.

Who was the revival brought about by in the Olympics?

Baron Pierre de Coubertin