Who is Lance Henriksen?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Lance Henriksen is a famous actor born on May 5th, 1940 in New york city. father, a fisherman and boxer; mother, a model and dance instructor; married first wife, MaryJane, 1985 (divorced, 1988); married Jane Pollack (an artist), 1995; children: (first marriage) Alcamy (daughter); (second marriage) Sage Ariel (daughter). for more deatails visit this link:

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Q: Who is Lance Henriksen?
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What is the birth name of Lance Henriksen?

Lance Henriksen's birth name is Lance James Henriksen.

How tall is Lance Henriksen?

Lance Henriksen is 178.5 cm.

What is Lance Henriksen's birthday?

Lance Henriksen was born on May 5, 1940.

When was Lance Henriksen born?

Lance Henriksen was born on May 5, 1940.

How old is Lance Henriksen?

US actor Lance Henriksen is 77 years old (birthdate: May 5, 1940).

Who does the voice of shepherd in modern warfare 2?

Lance Henriksen

Who is the voiceover for the Droid Does Commercial?

Lance Henriksen (the "droid" from "Aliens")

Actor's voice in the new droid does commercial?

It is Lance Henriksen.

What did Lance Henriksen achieve in his career?

Lance Henriksen achieved acclaim in his acting career through a nice selection of memorable roles. Some of these include his roles in the Alien series and Millennium.

What actors and actresses appeared in Facts and Fiction in the Life of Mr. Henriksen - 2012?

The cast of Facts and Fiction in the Life of Mr. Henriksen - 2012 includes: Lance Henriksen as himself

Gun used by lance henriksen in the movie Hard Target?

Winchester Contender

Who narrates the History Channel's Prophets of Doom?

My guess is Lance Henriksen, but its not on his IMDb, or in the credits of the film.