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Some wanna be punk that thinks he can play Baseball.

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Q: Who is Jose Elfego Torres Guerrero?
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When did Francisco Antonio de Guerrero y Torres die?

Francisco Antonio de Guerrero y Torres died in 1792.

What has the author Jose Torres Bohl written?

Jose Torres Bohl has written: 'Jose Sabogal'

How tall is Miguel Jose Torres?

Miguel Jose Torres is 6' 2".

What is Fernando Torres' middle name?

Fernando Torres middle name is Jose His full name is Fernando Jose Torres Sanz, so practcally he has 2 middle name's Torres and Jose!

When was Elfego Baca born?

Elfego Baca died in 1945.

What does Fernando Torres proper name?

It is Jose Torres.

What actors and actresses appeared in Stand By - 2007?

The cast of Stand-by - 2007 includes: Yasmani Guerrero Yipsia Torres

What is Raffi Torres's number on the San Jose Sharks?

Raffi Torres is number 13 on the San Jose Sharks.

When was Miguel Jose Torres born?

Miguel Jose Torres was born on January 18, 1980, in Macon, Georgia, USA.

What is Fernando Torres FULL name?

Fernando Jose Torres Sanz

What actors and actresses appeared in Jose Torres II - 1965?

The cast of Jose Torres II - 1965 includes: Hiroshi Akutagawa as Narrator

What are names of Fernando Torres parents?

Fernando Torres' parents are named Flori and Jose Torres and they are both Spanish.