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There has been only one ambidextrous major league pitcher since the turn of the century. Greg Harris, primarily a right-handed reliever for many clubs from 1981 through 1995, pitched one inning using both arms for the Montreal Expos in his final season. That outing was considered more stunt than strategy.

However, arguably the most well known "switch-pitcher" is the Yankees' Patrick Michael Venditte Jr. Born on June 30, 1985 in Omaha, NE, Pat is currently in the lower levels of the Yankees' minor league system. This 6-1" 185lb. pitcher attended college at Creighton University and was drafted in the 2008 Major League Baseball Draft in the 20th round, 620 overall. He pitched in 32.2 innings last season for the Staten Island Yankees, the single-A affiliate of the New York Yankees, in a closing role and compiled an impressive 1.05 ERA with 29 SO's and 16 saves.

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Q: Who has pitched using both arms in one game?
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