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LSU and Florida have 2 apiece.

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Q: Who has most national championships of southeastern conference teams in last ten years?
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How many football teams play in the Southeastern Conference?


How many national championships have USC won?

The Trojan Men's teams have won a total of 95 national championships. The Trojan Women's teams have won a total of 25 national championships.

Who has the fewest ncaa football national championships?

Many teams have won 0 national championships.

Cotton bowl has teams from which confererences?

The Cotton Bowl has a tie-in with the Big 12 and Southeastern Conference.

What is a division in basketball?

A division is a group of teams that play each other. Such as the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Southeastern Conference (SEC), etc.

In NCAA football is it rare that two different teams from the same conference win back to back national championships like Florida and LSU just did?

In certain confrences with very good teams, such as the SEC this is not uncommon.

How many teams play in each division of the American footaball conference and the national football conference?

Four teams per division

What teams won national football championships back to back?


What is Ohio state record against all southeastern conference teams in bowlgames?

That would be 4-11-2.

What college teams have won back to back national championships?

Texas longhorns

How many national championships in college football?

116 national championships since 1895 in football. However most teams don't count their national championship pre ww2!

What was Paul Brown's role in American Football?

Paul Brown was an American Football coach. He was the coach in the All-America Football Conference and National Football League.His teams won seven league championships.

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