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I would guess all of them since to make it to the Super Bowl a team has to win its conference championship game.

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Q: What football franchises have won the Super Bowl without losing a conference championship game?
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Who has the most college football all time wins without a national championship?

west Virginia

Which ncaa football teams have the most wins without a national championship?

i am not sure of the amount but West Virginia has the most wins without a National Championship. I heard that during their bowl game last year. It is in the 600s

What college football team has the most all time wins without winning a national championship?

West Virginia

Three schools compete in Division 1 without a conference affliation Who are they?

In Division 1-A football, that is Army, Navy, and Notre Dame.

Which NCAA football team has won the most games without winning a national championship?

West Virginia == see articles on ESPN after yesterday's loss

Have the West Virginia Mountaineers ever won a National Title in football?

No, but they have won the most games without winning a national championship in NCAA history.

How far can cam newton throw the football?

I know he threw it 60 yards without really winding up and it was off his back foot in the SEC Championship game

What is the best college football team that has not won a championship?

Virginia Tech or West Virginia. Both are at the top of teams without a title in total wins. Virginia Tech has played for a national championship, but lost. West Virginia came within one game of playing for the title, but was upset by Pittsburgh.

What division 1 NCAA football team is the most winning team in history?

Coming into the 2008 season, that would be Michigan with 872 victories. <-- Updated ---- it would be WVU they are the winningest team in college football but have never won a national championship. ________________________________________________________________________ WVU is only the most winning school without a National Championship, they are not the most winning school all-time.

What is the longest sequence without a win in English league football?

Derby County are on a run of 36 without a win at the moment - 32 in the Premier League last season, plus four more in the Championship.

How do you pump a football without a needle?

i dont think you can pump a football without a needle..

Did the bulls win a championship without Jordan?


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What was true about the Berlin Conference in the 1884?

African land was divided without regard

What team has the most NCAA tournament wins without a championship?

At the start of the 2009-2010 season, Illinois stands as the team with the most tournament wins without a championship at 38 wins.

What was the purpose of the Berlin Conference of 1884?

The purpose of the Berlin Conference was to lay down rules regarding the division of Africa without going to war for it.

Did Dwyane Wade win a championship without shaq?


Do you need a magic jack to make a conference call?

No. There are many other ways to make a conference call - without having to use Magic Jack

African representatives attended the Berlin Conference?

No, the Berlin Conference Was between European Powers, the USA, and the Ottoman Empire to divide up the continent Africa without conflict. However, Africa had no say on what was done and had no representatives at the Berlin Conference.

What was true about Berlin conference in 1884?

African land was divided without regard

What city has gone the longest without a professional sports championship?


Which school has the most tourney wins without a championship?

Illinion Illinios

What is the goal of football?

The goal in football is where the player need to try and get the football into the net without the goalkeeper saving the ball.

What was true about the Berlin conference in 1884?

African land was divided without regard

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