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about 9 trillion pounds a day

im a sports psychologist and I earn 10 trillion pounds a day

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Your mom earns more

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Q: Who earns more out of a sports psychologist or a sports scientist?
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How much does a psychologist make a weak?

It depends on how famous they are, but on average, a psychologist earns $6,720.00, probably at the most. Some psychologists earn less, some rarely more.

Who earns more money pyhsiologist or pediatrcians?

Most times, a psychologist will earn more money. It can depend upon the experience of the doctor and the type of pediatrician they are.

Who makes more money out of all sports?

golf earns more money than footballers

Who earns more money ronaldinho or kaka?

Kaka earns more money then Ronoldhino.

What person earns more money salesman or doctor?

doctor earns more money than salesman

Is it better to be a psychologist or an archaeologist?

Psychologist has more opportunities although the latter seems more interesting.

HenryTheresa and Sarah all got a summer jobSarah earns 20 more than Henry and Henry earns 0.65 more an hour than TheresaTogether they earn 26.55 an hourHow much money does each person earn?

Sarah earns 9.20 Henry earns 9.00 Theresa earns 8.35

How do you increase techpoints in virtual villagers 2?

Drag your villagers to the research table. There is no other way to increase tech. Make sure to click on the "detail" button and mark their preference as "research". An untrained villager will earn very little tech, while the higher ranks will earn more. There is untrained, trainee scientist, adept scientist, and master scientist. Obviously, the master scientist earns the most points.

Who earns more per year between a plastic surgeon and a cardiac surgeon?

Plastic surgeon earns more than cardiac surgeon.

Who earns more doctors or nurses?

docotors make more

Who earns more physiotherapist or dentist?

a dentist

Who earns more a lawyer or a doctor?

A doctor. :)