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The Baltimore Colts in 1968 which the Jets won 16-7.

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Baltimore Colts

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Q: Who did the jets play in their last souperbowl?
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When did the Jets and Colts last play against each other?

The last time the New York Jets and the Indianapolis Colts played each other was on October 14th, 2012. The Jets won 35 to 9. Superbowl III featured the New York Jets playing the Baltimore Colts.

Do Michael Vick play for the jets?

Yes Michael Vick Play for the Jets

If the jets play the giants in new jersey who is at home?


When was the last super bowl jets won?

The last superbowl won by the Jets was in 1969. For more sports information check out and for more Jets news follow the link to the Jets website.

What was the 4th and 1 play the jets ran at the end of the charger game?

It was the play that seal the Jets Victory.

Who was the last Texas tech quarterback to play in the nfl?

Kliff Kingsbury.Kingsbury played in 1 game for the New York Jets in the 2005 season.

Where do the jets and giants play?

The New York Jets play at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It is also the home of the New York Giants.

Jets record the last 5 years?

did the jets make the playoff 7 stright years

What team is older ny giants or ny jets?

Giants. The Giants began play in 1925 and the Jets, first known as the Titans, began play in 1960.

What football team does nate harris play for?

Currently no one. He last played with the NY Jets in 2009, but only during offseason and/or practice squad.

How many years did Brett Favre play on the Jets?

brett favre didnt play on the jets idiot

Will Jonathan Toews play for the Jets if they come back?

Possibly, but only if the Jets return and he is traded to them.