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1st Full-time Woman in U.S Sport's Radio- Linda Cohn(1987-1989,ABC)

1st Full-Time women as TV Sport's anchors-

1) Phyllis George (CBS, 1974)

2) Jayne Kennedy(CBS, 1978) (1st black woman to host NFL today)

3) Leslie Visser(CBS, 1984 Part-time Reporter) (voted the No. 1 Female Sportscaster of all-time)

4) Gayle Gardner (1983) Gardner became the first woman ever to broadcast play-by-play of a baseball game,

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i believe that the answer is linda cohen

i believe that the answer is linda cohen

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Leon Kalman

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Q: Who becamce the first full-time female sports anchor?
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First full time us female sports anchor?

Linda Cohn was the first female full-time sports anchor. In 1987, she made history in sports casting when she was hired by ABC.

Who became the first full time US female sports anchor?

linda chon

Who became the first full-time US female sports anchor?

Linda Cohn

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