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Q: Which sport has the highest incidence of their players commiting crimes?
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What can you do to stop you from commiting crimes?

don't commit crimes.

What about if you have 5 conviction of shoplifting?

Steer clear of commiting crimes then. Or learn how to shoplift better.

Why was roy gardner put in Alcatraz?

for robbing banks and commiting sevral other crimes

What types of crimes are todays's youth commiting?

Nearly all the crimes like burglary, murders, rapes and much more are committed by youth.

The war crimes trials that followed world war 2 were historically significant because for the first time?

people were punished for commiting crimes during world war 2

What terrible form of violence did angry mobs of whites use to punish African American suspected of commiting crimes?


What does dally fear will happen to johnny if johnny carries out his plans?

Johnny will start becoming more like Dally. By commiting crimes.

What is racketeering?

on a business stand point , commiting crimes to make money . ( bribery , forgery , scandals , tax evasion )

Why do people commit crime when they know that they will be punished?

it's all about the adrenaline rush they get from it, they might get pleasure or pain from it. some people just like commiting crimes

Why is the ending of the movie Memories of Murder so powerful?

Because the murderer is walking freely among innocent people despite commiting those horrendous crimes.

Differentiate crime and punishment?

Crimes are the act of doing something that is not accepted by society. There are consequences for crimes--punishment. Punishments are the things you receive in response to commiting a crime. Example: Murdering is a crime. The punishment for this would be a death sentence or life in prison.

Where can you find true crimes NYC?

You can find it at GameStop Power to the players