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stonyhill by far!! sweet hills is dirty and always under water. stonyhill is a great facility and great trainers.

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Q: Which riding center is better stony hill equestrian center or Sweet hills equestrian center?
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Is Hartwood Equestrian Center a good riding stable?

Yes, I've been to Hartwood Equestrian Center myself, and I've rode there before. There is an old house there, so it doesn't look too appealing but the staff and horses are very nice, with a large indoor and outdoor arena, and a 50-stall barn. It's located in Glenshaw, PA, just on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. The school horses are very sweet, and the riding instructors can help any riding skill level. I volunteer at the stables a lot, so ignore anybody who says negative things. It's not a "dump". There is just a house when you first enter that hasn't been used in forever. No stable is perfect. Interested in riding or boarding a horse there? Call 724-816-7488. If no one is there, we usually don't call back numbers we don't understand, so the next day, just call back until we respond, which shouldn't be long. (Feel free to leave a message, anyways. )

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