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The marathon is named for the legendary event in which a messenger ran from Marathon, Greece to Athens to announce the Athenian victory.

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Q: Which race is named after soldiers run to Athens in 490 BC to bring news of a Greek victory?
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What are three qualities of the soldiers that elizabeth say will bring victory?

of my God ,of my kingdom,and of my people.

How did action by Athens bring about the Persian Wars?

Athens supported the Ionian revolt by Greek city-states in Asia Minor against Persian rule. A reprisal raid by Persia was defeated by Athens, and the Persians decided to bring all the Greek cities under its control to stop uprisings disturbing peace and prosperity in its Empire, and invaded the Greek cities in eastern Europe.

Why was the Battle of Marathon a key victory for the Greeks during the Persian Wars?

The Persians had put down the revolt by the Ionian Greek city-states in Asia Minor. They then moved to punish Eretria and Athens for supporting the revolt. Athens defeated that expeditionary force. This demonstrated to the mainland Greek city-states that Persia could be beaten, and encouraged many of them to resist Persia's attempt to bring them under control.

How did the Greeks victory over the Persians help bring about on athenian empire?

Athens got together a league of about 180 Greek cities to continue the war, and extracted funds for them to pay for it. After 449 when Persia agreed to peace, Athens continued to extract the funds, by force if necessary, keeping its dominant navy paid for and the cities expense and diverting some to glorifying its city. The anti-Persian leage effectively became an empire of Athens.

In Athens Hundreds of annual marathons are held in commemoration of an ancient messangers run to bring word of what event?

the answer is victory over persians. You escaped again! (cheater)

What did Solon bring to Athens?

He got rid of all the depts in Athens

Was Pericles a famous tyrant of Athens?

No, he helped bring about democracy in Athens.

How did the war against Persia birng new wealth and power to Athens?

greek colonies payed Athens to protect them from Persia and the How did the war against Persia bring new wealth and power to Athens went to building an even greater navy and improving life in the city itself its not This IS about the battle : the war began with an attack by the Spartan army. Pericles knew that his army was no match for Sparta's. He Called for Athenians living inside the city walls. The walls Protected the city,but Sparta's army destroyed the famrland around Athens. Read more: How did the war against Persia bring new wealth and power to Athens

What is Hebrew name for Bernice?

There is no Hebrew name for Bernice.Bernice comes from the Latinized form of Βερενικη (Berenike), the Macedonian form of the Greek name Φερενικη (Pherenike), which meant "bringing victory" from φερω (phero) "to bring" and νικη (nike) "victory".

Why did Athens and Sparta join forces to fight the Persians?

Persia attempted to bring the mainland reek cities within its empire to enforce peace. The northern Greeks submitted, but the southern Greek cities, including Sparta and Athens, combined to repel the invasion.

Who started the war Persia or Athens?

The Persian wars started with the revolt by the Greek cities within the Persian Empire. Athens and Eretria sent support to this revolt and Persia resolved to punish them. A punitive expedition was turned back at Marathon. Persia then resolved on a full-scale invasion to bring all the Greek cities under control.

What did King Darius do as a result of the Battle of Marathon?

He resolved to bring all the Greek city-states under his control as he realised the his defeat by Athens would encourage other Greek city-states to also interfere within his empire, which contained hundreds of Greek city-states.