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Q: Which is harder to stop a car rolling downhill 5 miles per hour or a baseball traveling 60 miles per hour?
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When traveling downhill it takes longer to stop and more to change direction?

When traveling downhill, gravity is pulling you in the direction of the slope, making it harder to stop and change direction. The force of gravity can increase your speed and momentum, which requires more effort to counteract when braking or turning. It is important to anticipate these challenges and adjust your speed and technique accordingly when traveling downhill.

Why is it harder than a baseball?

Because Joe Dirt made a softball when he found it outside his house and he thought it was a softball but it was not it was just a big rolling turd!!

Which can be kicked farther a rolling ball or an idle ball?

An idle ball because the reverse momentum of a rolling ball makes it harder to kick far.

Is harder to stop a rolling bowling ball than a rolling ping pong ball when both are rolling at the same velocity Which is this an example of?

It is an example of momentum (sometimes called "inertia"). Velocity x mass. The bowling ball is much, much heavier. With both rolling at the same speed, the bowling ball is harder to stop because it has much more mass.

What sport is harder tennis or outrigger paddling?

Downhill ski racing, you use alot of leg muscle and upper body strength.

How do you confront your crush?

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It is harder to stop a rolloing bowling ball than a rolling ping pong ball when both are rolling at the same velocity THis is an example of?

This is an example of momentum, which is a product of the object's mass and its velocity. It is also harder to start a bowling ball rolling than a ping-pong ball due to inertia, which is related only to the object's mass.

Is softball of baseball the harder sport to play?

softball is so much harder! baseball is such a wimpy spot for guys.. there pitching is just like throwing.. so yea softball is harder.. so all the guys out there who think baseball is harder DIE

If you put 26 inch rims on your 96 impala will it damage the motor?

The engine will have to work harder to get it rolling.

Does a baseball travel faster in hot weather then cold weather?

yes, molecules are spread out during hot weather giving a baseball less resistence while traveling through the air. In cold weather, molecules and more dense, thus, making it harder for the baseball to travel. -Vic J

It is harder to stop a rolling ball then a pin pong ball when both are rolling at the same velocity this is an example of?

This is an example of inertia. The rolling ball has more mass, so it has greater inertia than the ping pong ball. This means it requires more force to stop the rolling ball compared to the ping pong ball at the same velocity.

When and where did baseball player Mel Harder die?

Mel Harder died October 20, 2002, in Chardon, OH, USA.