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I'll give you as many as I can from the PDC. Phil "The Power" Taylor Raymond "Barney" Van Barneveld James "The Machine" Wade Wayne "Hawwaii 501" Mardle Peter "One Dart" Manley Mervyn "The King" King Terry "The bull" Jenkins John "Darth Maple" Part Jelle "The Matador" Klaasen Gary "The Dreamboy" Anderson Michael "Mighty Mike" Van Gerwen Co "Matchstick" Stompe Adrian "Jackpot" Lewis Mensur "The Gentle" Suljovic Paul "Asset" Nicholson Mark "Flash" Dudbridge Ronnie "The Rocket" Baxter Dennis "The Heat" Ovens

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Raymond van Barneveld.

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Q: Which dart player has the nickname Barney?
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