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Q: Which color baseball cap would absorb the most light on a sunny day?
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How much difference does the color of a car make to its inside temperature on a sunny day?

It can make quite a difference. A dark object will absorb solar heat much faster than a light one.

Why do black clothes feel hotter than white clothes on sunny days?

Black clothes absorb more of the suns energy while white absorbs less. Since this energy is in the form of heat to us darker clothes feel hotter. EX) The sun emits photons of light. these photons have a characteristic wavelength to each color: blue green yellow red.....Black clothes absorb wavelengths of light from the sun that dont make up the black color, meaning they dont take in the black wavelength photons, just absorb the colors that dont make black color, like red and yellow. White clothes do not absorb any photons of the visible spectrum so they emit all the photons of light. Since they dont absorb the light energy from the sun they dont get as hot. But will still heat up but from the radiation of the sun.

A student places four shirts outside on a sunny day which color shirt will reflect the most light?


Why a black t-shirt feels hot in sunny day?

The color black absorbs light, which in other words, is heat.

Why do people wear light-colored clothes on sunny days?

Light colours reflect light better, therefore wearing light coloured clothes will keep you more cool on a hot sunny day. On the other hand, wearing dark coloured clothes will make you feel even warmer since dark colours tend to absorb the heat. This is especially so for black coloured clothings. Hence, its better to wear light colored clothes on sunny days to reduce the heat.

Why is Rate of photosynthesis is more during a bright sunny than a cloudy day?

It is because the plants can absorb light faster and there is too much of sunlight and photosynthesis can act faster

What Is sunny snsd Favourite Colour?

Sunny's favorite color are pink and purple.

What is Sunny favorite color?


What is the advantage of wearing white clothes in a sunny day?

Since white color reflects the sunlight more than any other, therefore the sunlight is least absorbed by the white clothes, hence you feel more comfortable in white clothes under hot sunny day.

When might rain glisten?

in sunny days

How do you get to the light house sunny shore city in emerald?

there is no sunny shore city on emerald

What is the best time of day to go snorkeling?

When It's Sunny, And You can See The Pretty Color Of Light Blue In The Bay. Not When It's Stormy And It's All Foggy!