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Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant who else could even be close

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The product was Converse All-Star shoes and the player was Chuck Taylor.

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Adam Morrison.

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Q: Which athlete has the most product endorsements?
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Which sports person has the most endorsements?

The Highest Endorsed Athlete is Peyton Manning (NFL).

What is the highest paid athlete 2011?

Tiger woods at $99,737,626that is in total along with endorsements

What does endorsements in sports mean?

Endorsements are deals signed by sports figures to represent a product for pay.

Highest paid athlete without endorsements?

I think it is a golfer O ya real helpful answer

Does Tiger Woods have any endorsements?

Yes, he has many, he is one of the most desirable sportspersons to have to endorse your product. He has earned over $900 million dollars over his career from endorsements. These include AT & T, Nike, Gillette, Gatorade, Accenture and American Express.

How much did Tiger Woods earn in 2008?

$110 Million from prize money and endorsements. This earned him the titles of the world's highest paid athlete in 2008.

Can you earn money after retirement of professional sports?

Typically no athletes do not get paid after retirement. Although often retired athlete get endorsements along with broadcasting jobs.

How much money does tiger wood get paid?

He is the highest paid athlete in the world. He earned an estimated $110 million in 2008. That is from endorsements and on course performances.

Who makes the most money in endorsements?

It is still Tiger Woods who makes the most in endorsements and Lebron James is second, Lionel Messi must be 3rd

What American war hero when asked to do product endorsements proclaimed This uniform ain't for sale?


How much money do Olympic athletes make in a year?

It depends on the country. Most Olympians are paid by their government. US Athlete's are not, in fact, US athletes are volunteers. They make money through sponsorships, endorsements, and in some sports prize money. Unfortunately that can add up to be a boatload of cash or not much at all depending on the sport and the individual athlete.

Who is the most popular athlete in 2008?

Tiger Woods is the most popular athlete in 2008.