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Indoor/Closed Roofs with Field Turf:Tampa Bay Rays' Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay, Florida, USA Retractable Roofs withGrass:Arizona Diamondbacks' Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Seattle Mariners' Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington, USA

Milwaukee Brewers' Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Houston Astros' Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, USA

Retractable Roofs with AstroTurf GameDay Grass 3D:Toronto Blue Jays' Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, USA

(Other stadiums all are OUTDOOR and fields' have GRASS)

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Miami Marlins Loan Depot Field has a retractable roof.
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One of the teams that play in a dome is the Tampa Bay Rays. Another one is Mi

nnesota Twins.

i think that Minnesota does not have a dome--its a new venue.

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Q: Which Major League Baseball teams have indoor stadiums?
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Do Major League Baseball stadiums have Wi-Fi?

the a's do

Which baseball teams play home games in indoor stadiums?

As of the 2010 season, The Tampa Bay Rays are the only remaining team with an indoor stadium in Major League Baseball. The Houston Astros, Seattle Mariners, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Toronto Blue Jays all play their home games in stadiums that have retractable roofs.

How many major league baseball stadiums are there?

30-- one for every team.

What is the record for visiting all Major League Baseball stadiums?

one guy went to all 30 mlb stadiums in 30 days!

The average cost of college baseball stadiums?

The average cost for a college baseball stadium can range between $20 to $40 million. This is low compared to Major League stadiums.

What is the average capacity of each Major League Baseball field?

Click on the 'Capacities of MLB Stadiums' link on this page to learn the capacity of all 30 stadiums where MLB is played.

What team's stadium is called Camden Yards?

The stadiums are used by the Baltimore Orioles of Major League Baseball and the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League

When was Canadian Major Indoor Soccer League created?

Canadian Major Indoor Soccer League was created in 2007.

In Major League Baseball which dugout is the home team's?

There is no set rule on which dugout is occupied by the home team in the Major Leagues. It varies in different stadiums.

Who's the only man to have two major league stadiums named after him?

william wrigley

What Major League Baseball stadium to get lights?

All MLB stadiums have lights, although the Cubs were the last to get lights at their stadium and the last to play a night game at home.

Where was the first indoor major league game played?