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Ricky Dixon Karl Zanger

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Q: Which Cincinnati Bengal injured Bo Jackson?
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How long was Bo Jackson in the nfl before he got injured?

for about 4 years

What Cincinnati Bengals player ended Bo Jackson's career?

Bengals linebacker Kevin Walker made the tackle on Bo Jackson injuring his hip and ending his career January 13, 1991.

Most nfl 90 yard runs?

Bo jackson. 92 vs cincinnati. 91 vs Seattle

What year did Bo Jackson hurt his hip?

Bo Jackson suffered the hip injury that ended his football career in a playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals on January 13, 1991, a game the Raiders won 20-10.

How did Bo Jackson die?

Bo Jackson is not dead

What year did Bo Jackson get married?

when did Bo jackson get married and where

What school did Bo Jackson go to?

what school did bo Jackson go to

What is Bo Jackson's birthday?

Bo Jackson was born on November 30, 1962.

When did Bo Jackson Baseball happen?

Bo Jackson Baseball happened in 1991.

Was bo Jackson a baseball player?

Yes Bo Jackson Was a Baseball Player

When was Bo Jackson Baseball created?

Bo Jackson Baseball was created in 1991-10.

What is the value of an NFL football signed by Bo Jackson?

Because jackson was injured and retired early in his career, the value of his items plummeted. An autographed football would probably cost from 50 to 350 dollars