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Q: Where was Chris Judd the Carlton football player born?
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Who is the captain of the Carlton Football Club?

The Carlton Football Club is an Australian rules football club founded in 1864 and based in Melbourne, Victoria. The current captain of the Carlton Football Club is Marc Murphy.

Who is the best player in the AFL in 2011?

For me their are 2 players competing for the best player in 2011. They are Chris Judd (Carlton) and Scott Pendelbury (Collingwood). Out of the two i would have to say Juddy!

Who is the current vice captain of Carlton fc?

Chris Judd is the CAPTAIN. The vice Captain is Kade Simpson.

What is the award for the best and fairest player in AFL?

Brownlow Medal! The 2010 winner was Chris Judd, of Carlton 2009 winner: Gary Ablett Jnr., Geelong 2008 winner was Adam Cooney 2007 Jimmy Bartel 2006 Adam Goodes 2005 Chris Judd

What is the name of the most famous Aussie Rules Football player in 2010?

As Chris Judd won the most coveted award in football this year - the Brownlow Medal - perhaps we should give that honour to him.

Is chris judd dead or not?

Chris Judd is still alive.

What is Chris Judd's birthday?

Chris Judd was born on September 8, 1983.

When was Chris Judd born?

Chris Judd was born on September 8, 1983.

What is Chris judd's favorite saying?

CJ is JC Chris Judd is Jesus Christ

Why chris judd is a gun?

Because Chris Judd is so gay

Is Chris Judd a vegetarian?


How old is Chris Judd?

Australian footballer Chris Judd is 33 years old (birthdate: September 8, 1983).