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on the wheel

i own the 4L model xj6 sport (1997) and its below the auto gear stick

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โˆ™ 2011-03-03 21:41:49
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Q: Where is the sport mode button on a jaguar xj6 sport 1997?
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What does the sport mode button on a jaguar xk8 do?

The sport mode changes the shift points on the transmission.

What is the s button for in your 2002 jaguar x-type?

The "S" button (if it is like the one in my my XJ8) likely switches the transmission into "Sport" mode. Sport mode will require the transmission to run into the top-end engine RPM of the individual gear.

What dues the S mean on the shifter and what does it do on the 1997 Cadillac Cateria?

The "s" button is the sport mode, changes the shift points for better acceleration.

What is S warning symbol?

The S symbol is not actually a warning, its an indicator that the Sport Mode is active. You can activate and reactivate the sport mode by pressing the button on the top of your shifter.

What does the green S light on Landrover discovery dashboard mean?

don't worry it means that you are in 'Sport' mode you can change it by pressing on mode button no the gear-pad PS: sport mode Burns a lot of gas.

How do you get a 2000 jaguar XJ8 out of valet mode?

Overrride the valet mode in an xj8 2000 jaguar

What is the s light on the 1990 Honda accord?

The S light refers to sport mode on the trany. The sport mode changes the shifts slightly in an automatic trans. The car will perform better in s mode in stop and go traffic. The button to change to S mode is located on the shifter.

What is the s button on the on a 1997 Cadillac Catera?

I would guess that is for the "sport" mode. That is correct. If pushed it will hold what ever gear you are in to hold until you shift to another higher gear. It won't allow the transmission to shift.

How do you set the clock on a 2002 jaguar x?

Its not obvious. Press and hold the MODE button until TA VOLUME is displayed Repeatedly press MODE button until CLOCK SET is displayed Seek up/ seek down keys select 12 or 24 hr mode Press MODE Button If 12 hr mode is selected use # button to selected Am or PM Use keypad to enter time .... four digits Press and hold MODE key to exit Its in the Drivers Handbook Supplement

What is the S button on Volvo s40?

It switches the control of the drivetrain (engine + transmission) into and out of the Sport mode. In this mode, the power from the engine is available quicker than in the non-Sport mode. The drivetrain computers will maintain higher RPMs, and do aggressive shifting. Of course the fuel economy is worse that way. What year is the s40 Volvo and where exactly is the "S button" located ?

What is the button next to the automatic shifter on the 88 Honda Prelude for?

if it has a S on it, it is like sport mode it keeps you in a lower gear

How do you turn off the green s light for sport on the dash board of your 1991 Honda accord ex?

The S light indicates you are in the SPORT mode on the transmission. On the left side of the shifter stick you will find a small button that toggles SPORT on and off. If the button will not switch the light off and go back into normal mode you most likely have a defective TCU unit.

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