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in burmingham on october 31, 2100

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Q: Where is the next toughman contest near huntsville Alabama?
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What prison is David Mendenhall Jr in?

Limestone Correctional Facility (LCF) LCF is located in Capshaw, Alabama (near Huntsville)

Redstone Arsenal site of early US rocket development is located in what southern city?

Redstone Arsenal is located near Huntsville, Alabama.

What are Alabama's tourist attractions?

That depends on where in Alabama you're headed. If you're going south, hit the beach. (mind you, it's as far south as you can get in Alabama) If you're going to the northern area of Alabama, Try Mallard point in Decatur, The U.S. space and rocket center in Huntsville, and Green mt. (near Huntsville) (I highly reccommend Green mountain, It has a lovely trail around the lake, a covered bridge you can feed turtles off of, old log structures to look at, a shaded ramada and picnic tables, and ducklings, geese, and frogs if you go at the right time.)

What has the author T S Hedgecock written?

T. S Hedgecock has written: 'Simulations of flooding on the Tennessee River in the vicinity of U.S. Highway 231 near Huntsville, Alabama' -- subject(s): Floods, Mathematical models

Where is florence Alabama?

It is in north Alabama near Tennessee.

Are there any teen night clubs near Huntsville Alabama?

not as i know of but if you look it up on the web u should come up with something if not go on google maps thats all i can say for u but if no succes look in a phone book . "good luck" :)

Is there a city with the name pell in it in the US?

Pell City, Alabama. Pellam, Alabama. Both near Birmingham, Alabama.

Is mobile Alabama by mesa Alabama?

There is no city in Alabama named Mesa. there are also no communities in Mobile,Alabama named Mesa, so the no, its not near Mesa

What is name of river near Florence Alabama?

I believe that is the Tennessee River, which swings down into Alabama near Muscle Shoals and back up into Tennessee.

What ship sank the CSS Alabama and where?

The US ship, Kearsarge, sunk the Alabama near Cherbourg, France.

What are the major industries in Alabama?

Major industries in Alabama include automotive manufacturing, aerospace and defense, forestry and wood products, agriculture, healthcare, and tourism. Alabama is known for being a key player in the automotive industry, with major companies like Mercedes-Benz, Honda, and Hyundai having manufacturing plants in the state.

What us ship sank the css Alabama and where?

The US ship, Kearsarge, sunk the Alabama near Cherbourg, France.