Where is the calcio storico held?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Where is the calcio storico held?
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What time of year does Il Calcio Storico In Florence play?

It is played every year in the Month of June. The Game will be played 3 times, and the finale will be played at 24th June.

What is the population of Calcio?

The population of Calcio is 5,083.

Where is Centro Storico located?

Centro Storico also known as Altstadt is located at 8400 Winterthur, Schweiz. It is a beautiful area with various high fashion boutiques and statuettes.

What is the area of Calcio?

The area of Calcio is 15 square kilometers.

When was Carrarese Calcio created?

Carrarese Calcio was created in 1908.

When was Calcio Montebelluna created?

Calcio Montebelluna was created in 1947.

When was Calcio Catania created?

Calcio Catania was created in 1908.

When was Ravenna Calcio created?

Ravenna Calcio was created in 1913.

When was Albignasego Calcio created?

Albignasego Calcio was created in 1959.

When did Albignasego Calcio end?

Albignasego Calcio ended in 2010.

When was Santarcangelo Calcio created?

Santarcangelo Calcio was created in 1926.

When was Rovigo Calcio created?

Rovigo Calcio was created in 1893.