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most likely, California, New York, Boston, and maybe Texas

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Q: Where is baseball most popular in the US?
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What are the three most popular professional sports in the US?

The most popular sports in the us are football baseball and basketball.

What was the most popular sport of 1962 in the US?


Most popular summer sport in US?


Which outdoor sport is the most popular in the US?

Definetly baseball

Who is the most popular baseball player of US?

Derek Jeter

What is the most popular sport in summer in the US?

baseball and soccer

What sport is very popular in the US?

US Football by far is most popular in the states, followed by Basketball, and the Baseball.

What are the most popular sports in the us by perecentage?

I the US baseball. In the world soccer/futbol.

What are the most popular kinds of sport in US?

soccer baseball and football

Most popular sport in terms of attendance US?

baseball or football

What is the larggest sport in America?

Football and Baseball are the most popular in the US

What are the most popular amateur sports in the US?

American football and baseball