Where does howie long live?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Howie Long lives in a small van down by the river the name of our town is Ivy, VA 22945, and its 2 miles from C-ville.

I live on the same street as the Long Family, as does the John Grisham's, Sissy Spacek and some other well known folks.

its a quite place, the Longs have 65 acres of property here in Ivy, the backyard view of the Mountains are breath taking. There is also a river/lake on their property that they use for jet skiing, fishing, swimming etc..

Nice family, actively involved in their kids schooling, which seems to be a tough battler for all parents, the Long's are no exception in getting their sons to

stay in school, stay sober and get over being the son of....doesn't cut any mustard with Howie "POPS" Long

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Q: Where does howie long live?
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