Where does Max Talbot live?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Where does Max Talbot live?
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Where in Pittsburgh does Max Talbot live?

Just outside of Pittsburgh on the Southside.

How tall is Max Talbot?

Max is 5'11".

Who is Max Talbot's girlfriend - Ali Kapty?

yes, she is.

Does max talbot have a tattoo?

Yes, Max has a tattoo. I don't know how many he has but I know he has on on his right arm.

Does Max Talbot have siblings?

He has two older brothers William and Francis.

Does Fred talbot live with dean Sullivan?


Where in England does Connie Talbot live?

Connie Talbot lives with her family near Birmingham in the West Midlands.

Which country does Connie Talbot live in?

England, UK

Were dose connie talbot live?


Is Connie Talbot the crocodile hunters daughter?

No, Connie Talbot of Britain's got talent fame is the daughter of Gavin and Sharon Talbot. They live in the UK. I think the Crocodile Hunter was Australian. See Connie's wikipedia page for more information.

Where does Connie Talbot live now as an 11 year old?

Near Birmingham UK.

Where do alex Justin and max live?

Justin Alex and Max live on Waverly Place