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A triathlon (swim + bike + run), may take less than an hour to complete or up to 17 hours to complete, depending on the event type.

As such, bathroom breaks are often a requirement.

For shorter events, competitive racers may attempt to "hold-it-in"; making sure to visit the bathroom facilities prior to the event start (often Porta-potty or porta-johns that are provided in and around the main transition area).

For longer events, porta-johns may be available along the race course (bike route and running route) and again in the transition areas.

Triathlon events may take competitors outside of urban centres; therefore providing various natural areas for releif (trees, bushes and shrubs off the route).

It is not unheard of for racers, in an attempt to save the most amount of time, to relieve themselves, in-situ, (either while on the bike, or while running). This may not necessarily be condoned by all event directors, sanctioning bodies or hosting communities.

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Q: Where do you use the bathroom in a triathlon?
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