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The word "equestrian" is derived from the Latin "equestris", or horseman.

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Q: Where did the word Equestrian come from?
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Use the word equestrian in a sentence?

I am a equestrian.

What could be a sentence with the word equestrian in it?

i was in-voled in an equestrian program

When was equestrian invented?

Equestrian activities involving horses have been around for thousands of years, dating back to ancient civilizations where horses were used for transportation, warfare, and sport. The modern discipline of equestrian sports, as we know it today, developed in the 17th and 18th centuries, particularly in Europe.

What are equestrian names?

The word equestrian refers to a person skilled in equitation, or horseback riding.

When was the word equestrian invented?


What is a word for horse that starts with an E?

An appropriate word for horse that starts with an E is "equine."

Another word for horseriding?

"Equestrian competition".

What is another word for horseman or equestrian?


What word that starts with E that is about Olympic?

· equestrian

What animal does word Equestrian?

equine refers to horses

What does the word Equestrian have to do with?

from Latin equester, equestr-, horseman, horse

What does the word equestrian mean?

It represents a person mounted om a horse