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That was 1988 in Seoul. He won silver in the 100 meter dash and the 4x100 meter relay.

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Q: Where did Linford Christie run his first Olympic race?
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What was the first race in the first Olympic games?

a running race.

What was the first ever olympic game?

Foot sprint race.

When was the very first olympic race held?

776 BC.

What kinds of races were featured in the Olympics?

the stade was the first ever olympic race witch was a race of 180 meters.

Who played in the first Olympic Games?

Athletes in the 200 metre foot race.

What is the first olympic games?

the first olympic games were in greece. the marathon also originated in greece.

What time did the first olympic race take place?


How many people were at the first olympic game?

not sure but i do know that they ran a race but naked

Who won the first Ancient Greece Olympic Games?

The victor of the sprint race, which was the only event in the first Olympics.

What was the first Olympic Games sport in ancient Greece?

The Stadion - a 200 m doot race.

What was the very first winter Olympic event?

The first event of the first Winter Olympics (1924) was the 500 meter speed skating race, won by US skater Charles Jewtraw.

What Olympic games did Greece have?

A Chariot race and a running race.