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Students looking for answers to the AP Statistics Investigative Task for chapter 9 will not be able to locate them on the internet. To better understand the information and be able to answer this they should contact the teacher.

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AP Statistics - Investigative Task - Chapter 9: Olympic Long Jumps

The linear model of Olypic Long Jumps since 1896 has a positive slope of about 0.64. This indicates that every increase in 4 years results in an increase in distance of about 0.64 inches. There is a dramatic

increase in distance from 1896 to 1900. This may be due to inexperience in dealing with the new Olympic Games. As such, I have removed that date from my subset of data. Gaps are found in the data from

1913 to 1919, from 1937-1947, and from 1949-1951. Following each of those dates are decreases in distance at the Olympic Long Jumps. The gaps and the decreases are most likely explained by war. I

have also removed all dates from my subset except the thirteen most recent Olympicevents, as advances in technology and in the world in general makes most earlier data irrelevant. Doing so, however, drops

the correlation about .26, and the R-squared has dropped about 44%. The residual of this data betrays a curve, which explains the ineffective linear model. The categorical X values may be to blame.

  • R=.64
  • R-squared = 41%
  • Slope = 0.4846153846
  • Y-intercept = -627.4653846

Using this model, I predict the Long Jump length for 2008 to be around 345.64 inches. The actual Long Jump length was about 328.35 inches, making the residual for the data around 17.29 inches

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Q: Where can you find the answers to ap statistics investigative task chapter 9 olympic long jumps?
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