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Used. I am not sure when they stopped making them...but they are well-made. I do have one...

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Q: Where can you buy a Bates Haute Ecole saddle?
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What kind of changeable gullet does the wintec 500 jumping saddle have?

The Wintec saddles all come equipped with a medium gullet, you can then buy a kit containing the various sizes of changeable gullets or buy them individually. Wintec makes their own brand of gullet and they can also be used in Collegiate and Bates saddles with changeable gullets.

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No, no, no, no, no! An honest mistake, but I cannot stress enough that you should not use Windex on your saddle. I would suggest saddle soap and oil, which you can buy at your local saddlery.

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Walkers are a beautiful and versitile breed. A saddle with Quarter Horse bars may not fit the Walker's back. Before you buy a saddle have an experienced person measure his back and help you make an informed decision. A well fitting saddle is vital to a happy horse.