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A great place for you to find a good triathlon wetsuit is They have great wetsuits for seventy percent off! These wetsuits will fit your style for quite a while

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Q: Where can I find a good triathlon wetsuit for a teenager?
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What are two stores that sell at least one type of triathlon wetsuit?

Triathlon wetsuits are specially made for the various demands of the sport, and are often found in specialty shops catering to triathletes. Two good places to find triathlon wetsuits are All3Sports and One Tri.

Where can I purchase triathalon wetsuits?

Triathlon wet suits can be purchased at some local sporting good stores. A better place to look for a triathlon wetsuit would be on an online store that specializes in triathlons.

Does a triathlon wetsuit increase your speed?

yes, if you are good at taking it off and the swim is open water and not very short. it makes you more streamlined and increases bouyancy

When can advise be found about triathlon wetsuits?

The best option to find information is to go to the local store with triathlon wetsuits. Another good option is to use the internet to find more information about triathlon wetsuits.

Where can one buy wetsuit gloves?

A wetsuit is something used to for anyone engaging in water sports to keep them warm, protected and afloat. Places to find some wetsuit gloves is in sporting good stores or on the Amazon website. Prices are about $15-$60.

Where would one find cheap triathlon gear?

One could check any sporting goods store near them for triathlon gear. Amazon, ebay or Overstock are good places to check for less expensive triathlon gear.

Do you need a wetsuit for surfing?

no but it is good to wear one

What types of gear should a person get to prepare for a triathlon?

You need basic swim, bike and run equipment to prepare for a triathlon. Especially if you are a beginner and not on a competitive level. You should start with the most basic equipment. For the swim you need a pair of goggles,swim suit, and or wetsuit. You can use any bike, but try using a bike that suits the distance you will be traveling. A good pair of running shoes for the run and comfortable athletic wear.

How do you live as a teenager?

you try to find good friends for yourself...!!

Where is a good place to go wetsuit surfing?

There are many places to go wetsuit surfing. The best would be in California, specifically in Newport Beach or in San Diego. One can also go wetsuit surfing in Hawaii.

What is a good triathlon training plan?

Here's a good link

What is the best stock wetsuit for a 5' 8'' 107lb boy?

If you are looking for a good one then go with a Xcel chest zip wetsuit. Go to a local surf store because you always want to try on a wetsuit before you buy it.