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It was built completely in 2000 in the Docklands.

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Q: Where and when was the telstra dome built?
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How long was the telstra dome built for?

4 years.

How and why did they change the name from Colonial Stadium to Telstra Dome?

It's simply a sponsorship deal. The Colonial sponsorship ran out and Telstra took over.

How long does the roof at Telstra Dome take to open?

8 minutes to fully open or close.

Which Australian hit the roof of the telstra dome?

Both Michael Hussey and Brett Lee have hit the roof.

Date for Rugby state of origin in Melbourne?

Wednesday June 3 at Telstra Dome, Docklands Stadium, Melbourne

Where is western bulldogs home ground?

edithad stadium used to be known as telstra dome (ps i go for the dogs!!!!!!!!)

When was the Berlin Dome built?

There is not a Berlin Dome, but there is a Berliner Dom, which was built in 1465

Who is going to win between bombers vs lions?

bomber i don't think Brisbane can win the bombers in the telstra dome!

What year was the Tokyo Dome built?

The Tokyo Dome was built during 1985-1988.

Why was the Millenium dome built?

why was the millenium dome buile

What is a geodesic dome build?

a dome that is built out from straight parts

Why was the dome of the dome of the rock built?

Mainly because that's where the 'rock' is.