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Q: When were corporate sponsors first used in the Olympics?
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Corporate sponsors were first used for the first time in what Olympics?


What was the first industry that used hierarchical corporate organization?

Railroads were the first to use hierarchical corporate organization...

Where was the first Olympic flaged was used?

At the Olympics?

When was the Olympics flag first used?


How do you get corporate sponsors for an art show?

It is relatively easy to secure corporate sponsors for an art show. It just takes a little creativity and direction. If you need help to get corporate sponsors for an art show, you may want to attend a free teleseminar presentation now, through December 30. "How to Get Sponsors" is a pre-recorded presentation and is available 24-hours a day. To access the replay line, simply dial (218) 936-1005, and then entering the conference ID code, 62671#. Participants will learn: --Five strategies that must be used when contacting a sponsor --The story of how one individual received a one million dollar sponsorship for his short film --How to secure spectacular sponsorship deals --Why sponsors give, and what makes them not --How to reach major corporations who consistently sponsor For additional information you can go to

Where were the Olympics rings first used?

Greece 1745

What type of server would most likely be used first by a network client in a corporate environment?

A DNS server would most likely be used first by a network client in a corporate environment.

In what city was the first Olympics fully televised for viewers at home?

The first televised Olympics were the 1936 Berlin Olympics which were broadcast on closed-circuit television across Berlin and during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics a satellite was used to broadcast the Olympics to various countries for the first time.

When was the first time a mascot was used at an Olympics?

400years ago

When were the olympic award stands first set at different height levels?

The podia, the structure with three adjacent platforms of different heights, were first used at the Olympics in 1932. They were used at the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles and the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.

When was the Olympic flame first used at an Olympic games?

the first Olympics game festival was in 776 bc

Is laurel a animal?

no, it is a plant, that was used to crown winners at the first olympics.