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The men's triple jump was introduced at the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. In fact the first gold medal of the modern games was awarded for the triple jump on the 6th April 1896.

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Q: When was triple jump introduced into the Olympic games?
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What was the first olympic games event ever?

The Triple Jump

What is the olympic tripple jump record?

olympic triple jump record

Do only men do the triple jump in the Olympics?

Both men and women compete in the triple jump at the Olympic Games. This has been the case since 1996.

Who won the first bronz medal in the olympic games?

Ioannis Persakis of Greece in triple jump at the 1896 Games in Athens.

What did Jonathon Edwards do?

He broke the Triple Jump World Record and currently still holds it. He was also the Olympic Triple Jump gold medalist in 2000 and 1996 Olympic Triple Jump silver medalist.

What types of events were at the ancient Olympic games?

At the Olympic Games there was: diving, chariot racing, javelin throw, long jump, and triple jump. Those are a few of the things they competed in the Olympics back in 776 B.C.

When was triple jump accepted as an Olympic sport?

Triple jump for men was an event at the first modern Olympics in 1896.

What are some of the Olympic events?

athletics, long jump, triple jump, hurdles, sprints

What games are held in the olympic games now?

running, hurdles, javelin, table tennis, discus, shotput, basketball, high jump, triple jump, long jump, water polo, swimming, equestian and fencing

What sports are held in the Olympic stadium?

Running hurdles long jump high jump triple jump javline

What did Al Joyner do?

He won the Olympic Gold Medal in the triple jump.

What is the Olympic record for the long jump?

The Olympic Record for the men's long jump is Bob Beamon's 8.90 jump in the 1968 Olympic games.

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